Getting Deeper into the SimCity Buildit Strategy

There are some things that we learned early in life that have kept us in good stead ever since. We always remember to wash our hands before dinner; we always pay our bills just before the repo man arrives; and on those occasions when we accidentally set ourselves on fire, we always stop, drop, and roll. Just like in real life, SimCity Buildit has some basic strategies that will not only keep your city happy and healthy, but may even keep them from burning to death.

A good night’s rest will keep you from passing out on your neighbor’s front porch.
Know Thyself. Whether you created them or adopted the pre-made ones, all SimCity have slightly different resources and, therefore, different needs.  Early in the game, buy objects within your budget; don’t splurge on that $2,200 building just because it looks cool. But most importantly, invest in the best structure you can afford.

While the luxury is definitely a good investment to fulfill hunger pangs, your SimCity Buildit will not prosper easily if that is the case. Using a any strategy without knowledge is likely to lead to one of those unpleasant and socially awkward failures. In the beginning, just live within your means. Get your city in the right track.

Go Electric. Resist the temptation for that near useless structures and think instead about investing in unnecessary things. While your sims or citizens can only search for a single job with the newspaper, the computer lets you search for three jobs at a time, and you can play games on it, too.

Now that you know the fundamentals to staying alive in SimCity Buildit, you can begin your climb to riches and happiness. The following tips present the easiest, most cruelly efficient way to achieve what we all want anyway: fulfilling relationships and lots and lots of money. We suppose you could build relationships based on mutual love and respect, and gee willickers, that sounds neat, but for those of us that just want to claw our way to the top of our profession and get all the trappings of a materialistic lifestyle, this is how you do it.

Play God. Although Simcity Buildit cheats comes with a few pre-generated SimCash and Simoleons, we suggest you take matters into your own hands and create some city of your own. You can begin with any idea you have, but to take advantage of our strategy, it is essential that you shack up. So go ahead and create a city with moderate characteristics that are easy to get along with.

Divide and Conquer. Now comes the essential move. Decide which spouse is going to pursue a plan at all costs, and which one is going to butter up the city. One of the most important things to remember when playing SimCity Buildit is that in order to advance in a city, your citizens need to be in a good mood, have the right skills, and the requisite number of friends. Unfortunately, fulfilling all those requirements can be long and exhausting for anyone. Just keep on playing and enjoy the game.